Customer Support

Should you need to contact any of the LDC Gas Forum staff at anytime with questions on the LDC Gas Forums  – please do not hesitate! 

Main Contacts

Christy Coleman
Director, LDC Gas Forums
Work: 713-343-1873    Fax: 832-242-1971
Cell: 713-898-7502
(Sponsorship and speaking opportunities and general information)

Cheryl Leske
Event Manager, LDC Gas Forums
Work: 763-545-1515    Fax: 763-545-1818
Cell: 612-802-0215
(Registration and general information)

Molly Missimer
Assistant Marketing Manager, LDC Gas Forums

Work: 713-343-1870
(Marketing information)

Mailing Address
LDC Gas Forums
11000 Richmond Ave, Suite #690
Houston, Texas 77042