About the Forums

“Despite the uncertain times, networking and meeting with colleagues is critical in capitalizing on business opportunities.”

The LDC Gas Forums (4), US-Mexico Natural Gas Forum, and Gulf Coast Energy Forum series consists of six annual events each focused on a key natural gas market region across North America. This is where buyers and sellers meet to do business. Much more than simply conferences, the Forums are a venue that delivers insights on critical issues affecting natural gas, LNG and emerging energy markets, but in addition provide participants opportunities to meet with industry counterparts to complete commercial business transactions. Timely panel discussions featuring key industry authorities focus on important questions facing buyers, sellers, transportation operators, service/product suppliers, and other market stakeholders in competitive energy markets. Topics addressed include: Energy Transition Developments, RNG, RSG/Certified Gas, LNG, CNG, ESG, H2, Carbon Capture/CCS, Carbon Offsets, Virtual Pipeline, Supply & Demand, Financial Outlook, Pipeline/Storage/LNG Infrastructure Projects, LNG Export Markets, Mexico Export Markets, Gas/Electric Coordination, Regulatory Updates, Gas Buyer Insights, Risk Analysis/Hedging Strategies and Global Energy Geopolitics. Participants at the Forums include market leaders, decision makers and subject matter experts, representing all segments of the commercial value chain including utilities, industrial gas consumers, producers, pipelines, marketers, key service/product providers, as well as regulators and analysts. Several dedicated networking opportunities give you access to your clients, prospects, and peers to pursue opportunities in the market.

Vast networking opportunities give you access to your clients, prospects, and peers to further explore relevant issues in your region.

The LDC Gas Forums: Southeast, Northeast, Energy Innovations: Rockies and West, Mid-Continent, the Gulf Coast Energy Forum and US-Mexico Natural Gas Forum 

Where the Natural Gas Industry Gathers: Networking – Insights – Deal-Making

Statements of Facts…

  • Shorten your Sales Cycle – conduct months worth of standard sales efforts in just 2 1/2 days
  • Reach Decision Makers – meet key decision makers representing each element of the natural gas value chain
  • Reduce cost of Business Development – meet dozens of qualified prospects in one place, at one time, instead of multiple one-off visits

YOU should attend these forums if…

  • …you are with a utility. These are your peers!
  • …you are an end user. Meet current & potential new suppliers!
  • …you are a marketer. Meet current & potential new suppliers and markets!
  • …you are a processor. Meet current & potential markets, producers and pipelines!
  • …you are a producer. Meet current & potential markets, marketers and pipelines!
  • …you are a vendor. This is where your customers will be!