The following are testimonials from Attendees, Sponsors, Gas Buyers, and Press Members. 

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 Tim Sherwood"LDC Gas Forum continues to be a great place to network with industry peers and hear various perspectives on industry issues"
Tim Sherwood, Vice President, Gas Supply, Southern Company Gas




"This was the best Forum we have ever attended….all the decision makers were there!!"
Kathy Hood, ICE



E. David_ Kailbourne"We have had a great deal of prospects from the LDC Gas Forums and we always look forward to them!!" 
David Kailbourne, CEO, REV LNG



image001"This was our first time as a sponsor at the LDC Forum. I attended many times before, but sponsoring made the difference. In particular, having a kiosk allowed us to network with industry colleagues and proved to be a great channel for sharing all of the exciting things happening at our organization."
David Irussi, Director, Gas Origination & Business Development, SJRG


Jesse_Blairpng"The Forum is not only a great place to network with current customers and colleagues, but also provides a unique opportunity to develop new relationships within the industry.  I've met so many people at the Forum over the last two years I've attended and it's been a great experience!"
Jesse Blair, CenterPoint Energy 

Rick_Smead"This is the first of the LDC Forum events I’ve attended in a number of years, and it was excellent, from the selection of the hotel, to the excellence of the speaker roster, to basic amenities such as audio-visual and refreshments, to the breadth and quality of the population of attendees.  I highly recommend this series as a great way to know what’s going on in the gas industry."
Rick Smead, RBN Energy LLC

Ken_Yagelski"Sponsoring the LDC Gas Forum is simply, smart money!  We look forward to participating in future Forums!"
"LDC Gas Forums are the industry event to meet with everyone doing business with Natural Gas. Attending these events is a high priority for our company. The Natural Gas Industry Event. The Place to meet everyone in the business"

Ken Yagelski, Southern Company

Charles Bird"The LDC Gas Forum provides participants with an unparalleled platform from which to network with industry leaders from across the continent while keeping abreast of the latest developments and intelligence impacting our industry, and all in real time. It's as essential as it is invaluable."
Charles Bird, Earnscliffe Strategy Group

Nick-Petruzzella_Six-Nations-Natural-Gas-Approved-for-2014-819x1024“I frequently attend the LDC Gas Forums in Chicago, Boston and Toronto.  I leave each Forum with new knowledge gained, with fresh ideas that allow me to execute my business in a more effective way.” "LDC is a cadillac event for getting insight on the markets and information on the Natural Gas Industry"
Nick Petruzzella, Six Nations Gas

Greg-Hopper-Photo-ICF-International2"Once again, the LDC Forum delivered one of the most well rounded conferences in the business on natural gas markets and trends in the West. We were proud to be a sponsor and appreciated the interaction with the many delegates who attended."
Greg Hopper

"The LDC forums are always well organized with timely and informative industry topics. The Forum staff Picture1definitely makes it a priority to promote networking, with a goal of improving business interactions for attendees throughout the event. The staff works very hard to make sure everyone has a productive and enjoyable time during the Forums."
Harry Ono, Black Hills Corporation

Duncan-Press-Picture-Aug12096-1-716x1024The #1 place in the Natural Gas World to network, meet your friends and do business!"
Dr. Jim Duncan, ConocoPhillips Gas & Power

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 10.36.43 AM"An excellent opportunity to talk about the hot issues of the day."
Nick Schultz, CAPP

 Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 11.26.24 AM"The Forums have served well as a place to strengthen old relationships and begin & build new ones. With many of our vendors attending, it has been a great place to cover alot of ground with many people at one place & time.
Steve Henderson, Patriots Energy Group

"All around fantastic conference. The speakers and their subject matters were outstanding.The Gas Suppliers panel was the best I have experienced (which is all of them including some I sat on). Looking forward to next year."
Tom Roth, Roth Energy Company

"We love the gas forums – best event of the year!"
Jeff Tounge, Director/Business Development/Eastern Region

"I always look forward to the forum…it’s a great opportunity to gain new market knowledge and reconnect with business associates I haven’t seen in a while."
Barney Darr, Newfield Exploration

"The LDC Forum has always been one of the better venues for gas industry folks to get together, hear about the latest changes in the industry, hear from the end user community and provide an opportunity/forum to network.  This year has been especially beneficial as the gas industry is seeing some of its most significant changes in years."
Rhonda Pantoja, Sequent Energy

"The LDC Gas Forum is the best event in the country!"
Vadim Vronksy, VTradeCapital GP, U.S.A.

"I thought the quality and quantity of information presented was excellent. You did a fantastic job coordinating the event. I look forward to attending the LDC Gas Forum in the future."
Eric Cucksee, Mohawk Industries

"The LDC Gas Forum is the BEST CONFERENCE of the year ~ bringing together the major players in the Gas Industry."
Rosalie Roth, Southern California Edison

"Over the years I have found the LDC Forums to be an excellent venue for meeting with regions gas LDC and pipeline representatives, as well as suppliers and otherstakeholders in an informatl setting where we can freely exchange ideas. In my experience, the presenters always provide up-to date insight on the latest news and events that affect the industry now and help attendees better understand where the industry is heading."
Andreas D. Thanos, MA D.P.U. 

"The LDC Gas Forums continue to be a fantastic value for us.Rarely do we have the opportunity to have so many of our clients and potential clients in one venue."
Mike Prokop

"We love sponsoring the Forums! Very organized, great content, and all the key players are there"
Shawn Sparks, Trading Technologies 

"Insight and experience, brought together for the benefit of us all"
Himonshu Pandey, Burbank Water and Power

"The LDC Forums are the best venue for networking in the industry. All your counter parties at one conference"
Rob Lindroos, Manager, Marketing, Seneca Resources

"A nice, broad prospective about the state of Natural Gas and the opportunities ahead"
Don Garland, DLA Energy

“I came away with a much stronger understanding of the completions of the Nat Gas market in the Midwest and appreciate all of the speakers. Lucid assesssments of the market fundamentals”
Kyle Ray, Analyst, Asphalt Materials Inc

“Outstanding venue for networking with representation across the spectrum of interests from up, mid, and downstream interests, in addition to service industries. Definitely a must-attend event."
Jeff Welch

“Comprehensive array of expertise in this industry. Good speakers kept audience captured"
Ron Mills, Product Manager, Latitude Technologies Inc. 

“The Forums really are valuable to a buyer like me…I have been in energy for about 34 years and I always recommend the Forums to others!!"
Jim McDonald, Dart