Prolific shale plays have changed the landscape of the natural gas industry and we are exporting more natural gas than ever before! This Forum focuses on exporting gas to Mexico, including the many elements involved in mobilizing U.S. production to satisfy growing Mexico natural gas and power demand. Hundreds of energy industry professionals convene in November to gain insight and conduct analysis of up to the minute issues facing US-Mexico cross-border natural gas markets. This is the industry’s premier gathering for natural gas industry professionals, which is much more than simply a conference with participants routinely negotiating transactions during the event. 

Numerous networking opportunities are integrated, to give you access to your clients, prospects, and peers to further discuss the relevant issues in this market.

Agenda highlights include all the critical issues faced by stakeholders in this dynamic market:

  • Mexico Energy Policy and Regulation – campaigning leading up to next year’s Presidential election in Mexico introduces alternatives to the AMLO administration’s energy policy.
  • Market Fundamentals – domestic Mexico supply is not expected to satisfy demand – imports from the U.S. must continue to grow to meet the shortfall.
  • Nearshoring – Mexico is poised to capitalize on nearshoring opportunities, as an attractive location for manufacturing and industry, however realizing these opportunities is dependent on adequate sources of reliable, economic energy.
  • Infrastructure – infrastructure constraints to address domestic Mexico demand as well as imports from the U.S. are a critical issue that needs to be resolved.
  • Energy Transition – the industry is making great progress to in reducing carbon footprint while at the same time offering the most reliable, economic energy source – certified/differentiated gas, RNG and CCS projects lead the way.
  • Infrastructure – Project Updates Supplying Gas to Mexico, Demand forecast for Mexico – Power Generation, Industrial, Transportation Issues, Regulatory Concerns & Risks, Financial Outlook – What’s Next? Supply, Demand, Economics, Risk analysis, Transportation, Storage, Logistics & MORE!

Statements of Facts…

  • Shorten your Sales Cycle – conduct months worth of standard sales efforts in just 2 1/2 days
  • Reach Decision Makers – meet key decision makers representing each element of the natural gas value chain
  • Reduce cost of Business Development – meet dozens of qualified prospects in one place, at one time, instead of multiple one-off visits

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