Welcome to our NEW BLOG

Hello Y’all. The LDC Gas Forums, US-Mexico Natural Gas Forum, and Gulf Coast Energy Forum conference series are excited to announce the launch of a new initiative – the Forums Blog. For over 30 years, the Forums have delivered a valuable service to natural gas market participants with a unique formula for conveying up-to-the-minute content and thought leadership packaged with a networking format that facilitates real-time completion of business transactions.

The Forums are also offering a series of Webinars, offering sponsored content on a variety of relevant topics, with presentations from leading natural gas players who are sponsors of the Forums. Please check out the Forums website for the line-up of upcoming Webinars.  

The format of this Blog will be to tap the roster of thought leaders who represent the leading companies in natural gas markets, many of whom you may be familiar with as regular speakers and sponsors of the Forums. As you may know, participants at the Forums include market leaders, decision makers and subject matter experts representing all segments of the commercial value chain including utilities, industrial gas consumers, producers, pipelines, marketers, key product and service providers, as well as regulators and analysts. We will also include special guest contributors including politicians and motivational figures.We will intentionally encourage that Blogs cover the spectrum of relevant topics, as well as a wide range of perspectives on the topics. 

Now… to get us started with this first Blog, we would like to contribute the following themes as something of a framework for ensuring that topics are relevant, timely and prioritize the real issues (including elephants in the room that some may be a bit uncomfortable addressing openly). Here are the three proposed themes:
1. Commercial Opportunities for Natural Gas in an All-Renewables Environment
2. Strategies for Natural Gas Markets Emerging From the Pandemic
3. Reaching Market Equilibrium and Price Stability

We welcome your feedback, ideas and comments on these themes. Also, please respond if you have other themes that you would like to contribute. And, if you are interested in contributing to the Natural Gas Forums Blog, or if you have ideas or comments on this initiative, please contact me directly at CColeman@accessintel.com.