The 2019 agenda will be announced closer to the event

Keynote Speakers Confirmed:
Mr. Dan Haley, President & Chief Executive Officer, Colorado Oil & Gas Association
Mr. Laird Dyer, Energy Analyst, Energy Consultant

Below is an agenda outline for reference.

Overall Forum Theme: Does Natural Gas Have a Future in California?

  1. Future Of Natural Gas In California
    • Are “carbon fee” policies intended to completely eliminate natural gas from the state energy mix
    • What does this mean for the natural gas industry? And for California natural gas consumers
  2. California SB-100 (100% Clean Energy) – Natural Gas Industry Response
    • Are goals achievable? By the deadlines
    • Expectations for the natural gas industry in California in the future
  3. Viability of California Natural Gas Utilities
    • Do “carbon fee” policies mean the end for California natural gas distribution utilities
    • How will this affect existing natural gas consumers? Long term supply/transportation agreements?
    • PG&E bankruptcy – likely outcomes? Is SoCal Gas next?
  4. Natural Gas Infrastructure Reliability (pipeline, distribution, storage)
    • Analysis of recent natural gas infrastructure failures
    • Efforts and funding for infrastructure inspection / repair / replacement
    • Project plans for expansion / de-bottlenecking; Is peak day capability at risk
  5. Gas / Electric Infrastructure Coordination
    • Are goals for renewables share of powergen achievable without natural gas
    • What gas / electric infrastructure changes are required (e.g. battery storage)
  6. Gas Supply For California and West Region Market
    • Gas supply alternatives: in-state; out-of-state
    • Expectations for continued supply availability; Viability of long-term agreements
  7. Gas Demand in California and West Region Market
    • Demand forecasts: powergen, industrial, commercial residential
    • Demand certainty; Viability of long-term agreements
  8. Gas Marketing in California and West Region Market
    • Expectations for market liquidity and volatility
    • Gas supply contract case studies: term, price structures, etc.

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