What: The Gulf Coast Energy Forum is a new event brought to you by the producers of the very successful LDC Gas Forum and US-Mexico Natural Gas Forum series.                               

The U.S. Gulf Coast is clearly established as the epicenter for global LNG supply. So it makes entire sense that hundreds of energy industry professionals gather in New Orleans to gain insight and conduct analysis of up to the minute issues facing the U.S. Gulf Coast natural gas market region, as well as the remarkable growth in exports of Liquified Natural Gas (“LNG”) to global markets. This is the industry’s premier gathering for natural gas industry professionals, which is much more than simply a conference, with participants routinely negotiating transactions during the event.

This event responds to the industry’s demand for a purpose-built venue for industry players to learn, obtain insight, network and conduct business across the entire natural gas value chain supporting global LNG activity.

Forum topics include: A key theme across the agenda is Energy Transition – addressing the trilemma challenge of security of supply, affordability, and offering lower carbon energy alternatives (Certified Gas, RNG, CNG, Hydrogen, CC&S, etc.):

  • Global LNG Market fundamentals (supply, demand, transport, price)
  • Natural gas supply sources for LNG
  • Global LNG market assessments and competing domestic U.S. markets
  • Infrastructure inventory and developments (liquefaction facilities and supporting pipelines)
  • Identification of key players: end users, facility operators, suppliers, markets, investors
  • Regulatory considerations
  • Sales and purchase agreements anatomy and trends in commercial transactions and operations

Beyond these key topics, the U.S. Gulf Coast region also brings its own unique issues. Overall demand continues to grow, both industrial consumers and LNG exporters. Various production basins across the country are readily available, however midstream infrastructure expansions face fierce resistance, resulting in bottlenecks and basis price anomalies. Policymakers in these regions are increasingly enacting anti-fossil fuel legislation, including bans on natural gas use and restrictions on production. Sentiment for all-renewables energy supply is growing strongly. However, there are clear signs that mandates to achieve these goals are simply unachievable without significant continued contribution of natural gas to the energy mix. In response, natural gas stakeholders across the value chain are responding quickly with a raft of innovative energy solutions that offer lower carbon energy that is reliable, readily available, and affordable. In addition, certain domestic natural gas consumers have expressed concern about long-term supply security given the continuing dramatic growth in LNG exports. The convergence of these market conditions results in commodity price volatility and the need for informed decisions on structuring commercial arrangements into the future.

Who: As with each of the other events in the Forum series, the entire natural gas value chain is represented, including LNG facility operators, LNG transporters, shipping, traders, marketers, producers, pipelines, LDCs/Utilities, end users, regulators, policy makers, market analysts, and key service providers.

Why: Networking is at the heart of this Forum. Multiple opportunities are arranged for you to meet and engage with people through our scheduled networking activities, and before/after/in-between sessions. Meeting key operator representatives, thought leaders, analysts and prospective customers is easy!

Insight is valuable takeaway. Obtain valuable and unique insights from the newsmakers and leaders of the industry. But it’s not just talking heads. Obtain answers to your questions. Learn from your colleagues questions. Follow-up by meeting one-on-one with Presenters. Collect the presentations afterwards. 

YOU: should attend this Forum if you are…

  • …a gas buyer with a Utility or End User,looking to identify new sources of gas supply and transportation/storage, and meet with existing suppliers
  •  …a Producer looking to identify new markets and transportation/storage alternatives, and meet with existing customers and suppliers
  • …a Marketer looking to identify new markets and supply sources, and meet with existing customers
  • …a Pipeline or Storage operator, looking to identify new shippers, and meet with existing customers
  • …a key Services and Products Supplier to operators across the entire natural gas value chain, looking to identify new markets, and meet with existing customers

Benefits of participating…

  • Shorten your Sales Cycle– conduct months worth of standard sales efforts in just 2 1/2 days
  • Reach Decision Makers– meet key decision makers representing each element of the natural gas value chain
  • Reduce cost of Business Development – meet dozens of qualified prospects in one place, at one time, instead of multiple one-off visits

How we differentiate from other LNG Forums:

  1. The Gulf Coast Energy Forum is all about commercial operations spanning the entire LNG value chain – from feedstock supply through transportation to identification of global end use markets. The Gulf Coast Energy Forum program/speakers and Gulf Coast Energy Forum attendees are directly involved in commercial operations – dealmakers responsible for maximizing returns for their stakeholders. Hear from the experts who are actually making it happen; network with existing and prospective counterparties.
  2. The Gulf Coast Energy Forum is strategically located in the center of the universe for global LNG activity – the U.S. Gulf Coast. Dealmakers attending who represent producers, pipelines, LNG export terminal operators, marketers, and global end use markets appreciate the critical significance of this location.
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